Noely G slags off Sky News

Grumpy grandpa of Britpop Noel Gallagher is turning into a moral barometer of our times. His Manc infused rants have shed light on some of the most pressing questions of our times; like where to find spare change during the credit crunch; how best to describe Mick Hucknall, and what a 'fu*k dump' England is. Well now add to the list what a load of old self serving rubbish Sky News is.

Gallagher Snr wrote on his blog; "It's really bad, man. In one sitting watching Sky News the doom and gloom is outrageous. Recession, recession, stabbings, corruption, murder, desolation, despair. What's happening? They actually have a debt counter on screen constantly monitoring 'The Debt'. Who's debt? Yours? Mine?"

He continued: "You know it's bad when the fifth horseman of the apocalypse - Kay Burley - is interviewing pensioners on the deserted streets of Britain. Production of war materials is up. And paradoxically sales of chocolate are up!!! WAR AND CHOCOLATE?! It would seem our government have an iron fist and our people have a sweet tooth."

He does have a point. Sky News flog sensationalist doom and gloom like noone else. Stick to the Beeb Noel, or better still start your own news show. Although really, would that be any cheerier?

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