Noely G, political analyst

Where would you go for serious political analysis in this time of expenses ridden turmoil? A broadsheet? The Economist? A sensible TV news outfit like the Beeb?

Well shunning convention, SkyNews have gone to the nation's resident back seat driver Noel Gallagher in order to get his tuppence worth on where Gordon Brown's political career is heading.

According to the ageing sage: "He's dogged, he'll stick it out....But I don't know anybody that will vote Labour. I'd be surprised if anybody votes at all after what has happened with this expenses row. They (Labour) came to power and said they were going to be whiter than white and squeaky clean, and 12 years down the line they have been shown to be just like the rest - crooks. I think it's the death of politics and it's a shame....It feels like the end of the Thatcher era."

Noel also admitted to being amused by the expenses row 'for about a second' before realising it's not actually funny.' He then did a nice piece de camera about how much he loves Sky News (despite slagging it off) before calling it a day.

How will the Beeb compete? Some scathing Manc analysis from our kid?

Watch the full interview here.

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