Noel-way Si!

If you've been sitting, sobbing at your computer, muttering to yourself, 'Why, it's been at least three full days without a hint of X Factor news, how can I be expected to go on?' Well, calm down, grab a mug of cammomile tea, and pull up a pew. We bring gossip. According to pals of Simon Cowell, his bid to bring the older Gallagher brother on to the US X Factor panel, has ended in failure. Alas.

Sources close to Simon told the The Sun that the TV overlord offered Noel 'head-spinning amount of cash...Noel could name his price. Simon promised global fame and a crack at the US panel in future years. He was setting it up for him to make the show his own and fill his boots.' And what was Noel's response to such a beneficent offer? Gallagher turned it down, saying that he had a responsibility to stick to music, to stop his younger brother 'stinking up the bottom of the charts'.

Sigh. And this is why Noel would have been so blooming marvellous sandwiched between Cheryl and Simon on X Factor...

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