Noel's means Noel - Edmonds' ingenious solution to taxi pests

Let's be honest - who hasn't tried to hail a taxi driven by Noel Edmonds? For poor Noel, who owns a black cab but doesn't want to make a living as a taxi driver, the problem seemed insurmountable. (Look, it's a slow news day okay?)

A friend told The News of the World that poor Noel's life was plagued by plebs trying to enter his taxi, 'One woman even got in as he was waiting to meet a colleague at the train station - and then refused to get out despite his protestations that he was not a genuine licensed taxi-driver. So Noel's wife Liz came up with the idea of putting a shop mannequin dressed in real clothes on the back seat so it looks like there is always a passenger on board.'

Noel, displaying his 'famed' humour, commented, 'Candice is every man's dream. She's attractive, well-dressed, nice figure and she's got great tips!' Groan.

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