Noel Gallagher turned down X Factor

Noel Gallagher has revealed that Simon Cowell asked him to be a judge on the current season of the X Factor.

The former Oasis guitarist admitted that he is a fan of the show but had decided against joining the hit reality show's judging panel.

'There was a long, drawn-out saga of phone calls going back and forth. When we finally spoke he said, in his own inimitable fashion, 'We're re-branding the show and we need an Alpha Male to replace me.'

Noel joked that he had turned down the X Factor because he didn't want the contestants to visit his home during the judges' houses stage of the show.

'You mean kids round at my house? In my kitchen, what I've just put in,' Gallagher quipped. 'Me, leaning up to someone saying 'This is the toughest decision I've ever had to make. I left Oasis but it was nothing compared to this. Now, don't scare the cat on the way out.' No, no, no.'

However, Noel was full of praise for new X Factor judge Gary Barlow: 'Gary's alright, I've met him a few times. He's a good lad. He's sitting sideways a lot, just like some James Bond baddie. He kind of swivels round like 'Ah yes, you're just not good enough.''

Speaking on Absolute Radio this morning the 44-year-old added that he had no time for X Factor judge Louis Walsh.

'He [Walsh] lives in a parallel universe. I mean, he's insane,' Gallagher said. 'He comes from a town near where my mam comes from. I've seen him a few times and he reminds me of it.'

'I remember one of his acts once did an opera version of Don't Look Back in Anger. Simon Cowell was slating it and he said 'Simon, I know the Gallagher brothers and I know they would have loved that,' Noel continued.

'I was sat at the telly going 'I've never ever met you, you idiot. That's why they should bring out The X Factor in 3D, so you could literally lean into the television and just press on his throat a little bit.'

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