Noel Gallagher to write his own Brand of comedy

It looks like Noel Gallagher and Russell Brand could team up and write a sitcom together. Noel, who's affectionately called the “wrinkly rocker” by Russell on his Radio 2 show says he fancies a bash at comedy in the future.

"I'd like to be part of a team of scriptwriters. I think I'd be good. Russell has been trying to rope me into something but at the moment I can't commit to anything outside Oasis. But, one day, who knows?"

According to The Sun, Noel who is currently resting up after being attacked by a stage invader at a gig in Toronto says the secret is opposites attract:

"Russell's a big posh Essex boy former junkie who’s been to the dark side and got into Hare Krishna. He's never seen a council estate I'm a gruff Northerner who drinks Red Stripe. He finds that fascinating. He's all 'but Noel darling, don't you believe in a higher existence?' and I'm like, 'not dressed in a sheet banging a tambourine, you big jessie'."

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