Noel Gallagher calls Mick Hucknall “Fanta-pants”

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any “uglier” for Mick Hucknall, it looks like they just have. Only last week Simon Cowell branded Hucknall “really ugly”, and now Noel Gallagher has joined in after comments the ginger-hob-knob made in a recent interview in which he claimed Oasis had caused people to hold a negative stereotype of Mancunians.

"You still going? The last time I heard of you, Fanta-pants, you were getting slung out of Knebworth for being shit and fat. What you have to say about Manchester and its righteous natives is irrelevant as you are from Warrington,” said the non-stereo-typical Manc in a letter to The Sun.

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