Noel Gallagher attacked on stage

“Y’aaaaalrite our kid? “

“Well no not really Liam some crazy man just pushed me over.”

That’s kind of what happened at the weekend at the V festival in Canada anyway. Oasis were halfway through their headline slot and Noel Gallagher was belting out a solo during ‘Morning Glory’, when some crazy loon appeared from behind the amps, legged it over to the guitarist and gave him an almighty shove in the back, knocking Gallagher senior flying.

Immediately the rest of the band stopped to see what was going on, the token burly security guys jumped on the attacker and then protected him pretty much, from a furious Liam who followed them off stage looking like he was gonna give the stage invader a right kicking.

There was a bit of confusion after that, the band disappeared, the crowd cheered and jeered for a bit, then Oasis came back on and played the rest of their set. Noel’s been taken to hospital to check on a dodgy rib and ligament damaged, while the unnamed attacker is being detained at a police station – which to be honest is the safest place for him if there are some mad mancs on the warpath for him.

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