No stag do for Crouch

After Peter Crouch was caught cheating with a lady of the night on his pal's stag do, it's not surprising that when it comes to their own pre-wedding parties, Abbey Clancy is not too keen to let Crouch off the leash. The model has banned her footballing fiance from holding his own stag party.

A pal told The Mirror, 'It has taken a lot for Abbey to forgive Peter. She has just about managed to move on. The last time that Peter went on a stag do was the incident in Spain, and obviously that is fresh in Abbey’s mind.'

The chatty friend continued, 'The thought of him heading out for another stag party with a big group of friends is too much just before their wedding. She has told him if he wants the wedding to go ahead he will have to stay home alone. Abbey is determined that nothing is going to get in the way of her big day.'

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