No sex please, we're on X Factor

Footballers aren't allowed to do it the night before a game and now Kelly Rowland's X Factor gals have been banned from doing it too. What, popping out for a few shandies pre match? No, (although that's on the riot act too) - according to The Sun Kelly's laying down the law with regard bed hopping.

The one time child of Destiny is in Miami filming the judges' houses section but took time out of lying on sofas with cushions plumped within an inch of their lives to have a natter with The Sun. According to the gossip merchants, she's taking no prisoners:

'There will be absolutely no alcohol, no smoking, no talking loud in clubs. I want them to take care of their bodies,' says Kelly, who doesn't explain what talking too loud means (does she have a decibel measuring machine?) She also confessed to wanting to set an example to her girls, saying that until she hit the ripe old age of 22 she didn't even go out. 'I will be like, 'Don't let anything knock you off your focus, or you will lose everything'.

Two points: sorry 'The Sun' but there was no mention of not doing the wild thing in those soundbites. Are Kelly's finalists being unfairly deprived for the sake of pre show hype? It wouldn't be the first time. And Kelly - this isn't the World Cup. Banning your group from having a laff could backfire in the shape of a frumpy old school maam label. Our advice: a good night out can only be good for stress levels. And following that, hair of the dog.

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