No regrets. Really

There we were thinking that the whole Gavin and Charlotte thing was over - what with him cavorting shirtless on Strictly, and her loved-up with her new beau Jonathon Powell. Then Charlotte goes and says she'll 'always love Gav.' Is this yet another example of the maturity with which the pair have gone about the split. Or could it be an olive branch?

The singer (who, in this pic looks weirdly like Madonna) spilled the beans about her and Mr H to the Daily Mail: ‘We split for really normal reasons. There was never any professional jealousy. We tried to make things work, as we have two young children. But our house had been turning into an unhappy one, so we did what was best for everyone. At the moment, everything is amicable. If it turns sour, I’ll do my utmost to prevent the children from seeing that.' See, maturity.

And there's more: ‘We see every episode of Strictly four times on the BBC iPlayer — Ruby loves the costumes. But I’m not one to dwell on the past. When something is different in my life, then that’s it. Maybe it’s my self-defence mechanism. I’ll always love and respect Gav, but I don’t get jealous. Ultimately, he’s a sportsman. He needed time off because of the injuries, but rugby is in his blood. I hope he’s brilliant when he gets back.’

Yes Charlotte's new boyfriend is a musician like her, and yes, they have lots in common. But we think there's life left in Gav and Charl yet. Time for these two to take a spin under the Mistletoe?

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