‘No ones asked me!’

So, The X-Factor is retruning to UK screens later this year, and rumour has it a US version of the show will also be launched this year. Problem is The X-Factor’s biggest draw is the loveable rogue Simon Cowell, and there’s only one of him. Now, what do they do?

Well, in truth no one knows, but it hasn’t stopped tabloids left, right and centre taking a stab at who will be judging which series. The Daily Mail boldly claim that Lily Allen and Gary Barlow will be joining Danni Minogue on the UK version (No Cowell), while Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole will be heading Stateside. Sounds plausible, except that it's news to one of those judges, Lily Allen.

Breaking silence on Twitter the poptart wrote; ‘Nice to know that I'm 80 percent confirmed to be a judge on The X Factor, anyone thinking about running it by me? I'll only do it if there's a 'pop songs in a foreign language' week.’

Shall we all just wait until there’s an official announcement yeah?

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