No nookie for English footie team

Cometh the hour, cometh the stories about England footballers being denied sex. Anyone would think that we were a prudish, self-conscious nation, not one that revels in the sexual foibles and slip ups of our celebrities. Fabio Capello has banned his World Cup squad from seeing their womenfolk - and will lift restrictions for one day after each game.

According to the Guardian (if it's in a broadsheet it must be true), not all managers believe in the 'no nookie' rule. The official doctor for the Argentinian team maintains that, 'Sex is a normal part of social life and is not a problem. The disadvantages are when it is with someone who is not a stable partner or when the player should be resting.' It is very important, apparently, that 'the action should not reverberate in the legs of the players.'

So it's not 'when', but 'how' that's the, ahem, crux of the matter...

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