No Nayer-sayer for Arun

Since the news broke that Liz Hurley and Arun Nayar had parted ways, the sympathy has been firmly directed towards the male half of the partnership. Liz was rumoured to be in the midst of an affair with Shane Warne, and we pictured Arun weeping quietly at home, while tackling Liz's washing up. Not a bit of it. Arun is apparently having a whale of a time with a young model, half Liz's age. Ouch.

According to The Daily Mail, the model 'is reported to have spent three nights with Nayar at his £650,000 flat in Kensington, west ­London last week and has been spotted sharing kisses with him. The couple also enjoyed a meal with friends at the Michelin-starred Amaya Indian restaurant in Knightsbridge and shared takeaways alone together at his home.' A takeaway, eh? Must be a full-blown passionate affair.

Liz has also been weaving a tangled web with her rumoured liason avec spin bowler and renowned womaniser Shane Warne. As well as romancing Hurley, Shane has also got another lady in a spin on twitter. He apparently bombarded Aussie mother Adele Angeleri with hundreds of 'saucy' texts. And on twitter, the pair flirted while discussing their NY promises: 'any good new year resolutions ???’ Shane replied that he would‘stop eating sweeties & do sit ups’ and added, ‘I know you’re a salad eating gym bunny by nature xx’. Hmm, so it's not quite the Kama Sutra, but it's all we've got to go on, okay?

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