No more Wayning from you

Poor old Wayne Bridge. Ever since his former friend John Terry nobbled his ex-girlfriend behind his back he’s had to deal with becoming a martyr screwed around by women, with sympathetic press coverage making him look some sort of hero. Now it looks like he might be sorting out a night of passion with the frankly beautiful Kim Kardashian. It’s a tough life, no?

The pair met in the VIP area of a nightclub in Miami, and exchanged numbers. Now Bridge might actually get a chance to bed one of the hottest women in the world. When will the revenge campaign in the press start, hmmm?

‘They met while Wayne was cheering himself up on a lads' night out and got on like a house on fire,' said a 'pal' to The Sun. 'They exchanged texts, have been in touch ever since and will be hooking up when Kim comes to the UK.

‘It's early days but she's certainly put a smile back on Wayne's face as she's great fun and absolutely gorgeous. He's looking forward to catching up when she's in town. Kim was still with Reggie when she met Wayne, but I think she knew things were ending because they swapped numbers.’

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