No more roaming for Ronan

Unlikely cad Ronan Keating has won back his good lady wife Yvonne, and wants to tell the world he's a reformed man. And obviously, being a celeb, the best way to achieve this is by having what's called a 'vow renewal' - in two continents. Now there's posh.

A friend told The Mirror, 'Ronan is ashamed of how he behaved and desperately wants to prove to Yvonne that he is a changed man. They are mad about each other and are definitely back on track. He feels that renewing his vows will show Yvonne how much she means to him. He wants their close friends and family there with them on the day so they can see how important it is to him. They are planning to to have two ceremonies - one in Australia for just Yvonne and Ronan and another in Ireland that their friends will attend.'

We'd pay actual money to hear the grovelling speeches...

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