No more Laboutins for Dannii

Poor Dannii Minogue, X Factor hasn't even started and already the sniping against the Aussie star has begun. According to the News of the World, Simon was keen to 'do a Lloyd-Webber' (i.e. sack his preggers judge).

An X Factor source said:'I think he did want to change the panel this year. But I think he might have mis-read the appeal and popularity of Dannii. Simon simply didn't realise how popular Dannii had become with viewers since last year's series. Even when she became pregnant, he wanted to find a way to ease her into a lesser role on the show.'

'It's no secret Cheryl Cole and Dannii are not close. And things will only get more strained with such a big difference in pay. It's very likely Dannii will end up back on the show but if she doesn't, there'll be other options.'

Ominous words for Miss Minogue...

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