No more Amy Wino

Amy Winehouse made an awe-inspiring return to form last night at London's 100 Club, in preparation for her European tour. The former (fingers crossed) boozy crooner stunned the crowds by appearing healthy, sober, and even found time to give a stand-up routine between songs.

A source told The Sun, 'Gone was the fragile, volatile and unpredictable Amy. She wasn't knocking back vodka on stage - and she definitely hadn't stopped by at the off-licence on her way to the gig. Amy was on fantastic form. She looked and sounded great. It was like one of her old performances. She had the crowd laughing along with her gags, poking fun at herself and dad Mitch. She also threatened to flash her boobs and made a few jokes about her voluptuous look.'

Right Winehouse, now you've got the first booze-free gig under your belt, get back into the recording studio pronto...

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