No longer a good Friend?

Keira Knightley is not one to court the press, adopting a slightly haughty persona which has, one the one hand, led to the press leaving her alone, but on the other, not made her entirely popular. We like our stars as open and easy to read as an Andy McNabb novel. Anyway, here's a rare piece of Knightley gossip - sources say that she has split with her boyfriend, Rupert Friend.

According to The Daily Mail, the slightly tenuous reason for assuming a split is due to the fact that Keira didn't go go to the Christmas ballet with her boyfriend. A friend of Friend said, 'We all wondered where Keira was, because it was a magical show. But Rupert offered no explanation.’ Hmmm mysterious...

Keira's agent however, gave nothing away, saying, ‘We don’t comment on personal matters.’

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