No, Jen IS lucky

Jennifer Aniston has long been touted as one of Hollywood's losers. Clearly she's not. She earns a fortune starring in below average romcoms, jets around the world being fabulous and generally leaves a string of heartbroken men in her wake. But she doesn't seem that interested in marrying again, and hence has been slapped with the 'loser in love' label.

Well late lady luck has been smiling on the Friend's star. Jen's been stepping out with Hollywood heartthrob Justin Theroux, with whom she stars in upcoming romcom Wanderlust. While tabloid hacks the world over are asking, 'will it last?', it's sweet that Jen has one supporter - co star Malin Akerman (no - never heard of her either?) The bubbly actress (who we suspect still believes in Father Christmas) says of Jen and Justin's romance: 'We all were living together. Every weekend we would hang out. Karaoke together. They’re both lovely people so I’m really happy for them. I think it’s great. Its always fun when people find love. You’re always happy for people who are in love.'

The fact that the couple enjoy a spot of karaoke during downtime seems like a good thing to us. After all, if you can't down a bottle of Blue Nun and impress your beau with your verging on professional rendition of Chesney Hawke's 'I am the one and only', then frankly, you're marrying the wrong guy. Excite readers, it could be time to buy a hat.

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