No integrity

We all know that Simon Cowell is a money hungry shark looking to strip as much off for himself as he possibly can, so it never came as a surprise to us that he would try and milk the likes of Jedward for as long as he could. However American Idol producer Nigel Lythgoe has claimed that Cowell has ruined the integrity of X Factor, to which we can only ask: what integrity?

Cowell quit American Idol last May in order to launch the X Factor in the US, and many assumed that the show would go down the pan without him. Instead Lythgoe claims that they haven’t missed him one jot, and are doing just fine, thank you very much.

‘In a way, I'm delighted Simon's left American Idol,' said Lythgoe to the Radio Times. 'He's given us the opportunity to refurbish it. Everyone said that it would be the end. And what's happened? The ratings are equal to last year's, we got 30 million votes the other evening, and if we lost 50% of our audience we would still be the number one show.

‘You have to choose contestants with talent - unless they have an incredible story to tell.

I don't class The X Factor as a talent show. Look at (former contestants) Jedward and Wagner. They're on because we love the fun and the circus of it.

‘Simon knows what he's doing - it certainly gives the press something to feed off. But it destroys the integrity of the show.’

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