No Good Advice from psychic

In news that makes us fear that the war between Cheryl Cole's sensible British side and her dippy LA side is being won by the latter, Cheryl is apparently visiting an American psychic (the strangely named Jusstine) for advice on whether to stick with her philandering ex amour Ashley Cole.

A source told The Mirror: 'Cheryl has met Jusstine twice and thoroughly enjoyed both sessions. They helped her to process her thoughts on Ashley. Jusstine explained she felt Cheryl and Ashley were soul mates in a previous life. Since the readings, they've been in contact over the phone. Now Cheryl has had a while to reflect, she thinks a further session will be beneficial.'

Oh come on, Cheryl. Surely you can see that this woman is a complete loon! You'd get much better advice from band member Kimberley, who seems very switched on and - who, by the way, also acts as Girls Aloud's Company Secretary and so is like, totally clever. And you can have that for free.

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