No good advice

You know when a celeb is suffering existential angst about the passge of time and/or their career, when they suddenly appear in public with a forehead as smooth as an egg, and lips as plump as pillows. This was Sarah Harding's fate recently, but she's publicly admitted that she hated the results, and will henceforth choose the natural route.

Sarah told The Mirror, I got a bit experimental and decided to have some filler. That was a big mistake. It was a case of approaching my 30s and not feeling very confident about that. It didn’t work out for me. I was very silly. It was a silly thing to do. It was a very distressing time. I had a bad reaction to the filler, which made it worse. Thankfully my lips have gone back down again and everything’s OK.'

Hmm, we bet a tenner she'll be back on the fillers before the decade's out...

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