No Glee for Gwynnie after affair rumours

Gwyneth Paltrow has put on hold plans to tour with the cast of Glee, after rumours that the star was getting a little too close to actor Matthew Morrison. Paltrow had planned to open the show on several dates throughout the tour, but has turned down the offer, for fear it will dent her family image.

A friend of Paltrow's told The Daily Mail, 'Gwyneth thought it would be bad for her image to go off on a U.S. tour. She pulled out and Matthew has cancelled a number of his gigs. But he is still planning to come to London in June and they have plans to go out to dinner. She’s not ruling out performing with him in the future.’

Gwyneth’s spokesman said, ‘There are no plans for her to tour with Matthew. There were requests for her to perform at a few events but nothing was ever confirmed.’

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