No fair!

Katie Price is allegedly not very happy at the way she has been painted in the press – and, let’s face it, sites like this one – following the collapse of her marriage with Alex Reid.

Price is said to be ‘raging’ that Reid appears to be garnering a lot of public sympathy, but then that would probably be because most people really can’t stand Katie Price, and so any many who gets made to look like a complete cuckold in the face of her media onslaught is probably going to come out of it looking like an all right bloke. The same thing happened with Peter Andre, remember?

‘She's sick of being painted like the one in the wrong all the time,’ said a source to Star magazine. ‘Pete came out of her first marriage looking like a saint and she's going to be damned if the same thing happens with Alex.’

‘Alex is getting more bitter by the day and wants what he feels he's owed, they made a small fortune as a partnership, and his popularity off the back of Celebrity Big Brother definitely worked in her favour,’ another source added. ‘He feels £2m is the least he's owed - especially when you consider how much she has in her bank account.’

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