No Easy Ride

Dennis Hopper’s first wife has let rip at his fifth spouse for the way she has treated him in the days before he died. Hollywood legend Hopper died at the weekend after losing his battle with prostate cancer, and in the months leading up to his death was embroiled in a bitter divorce battle with 42-year-old Victoria Duffy, which Brook Hayward is convinced took a huge toll on his mental and physical well-being.

A messy fight in court over his £60million fortune is due to start now as Hopper failed to divorce Duffy, and she is set to contest his will, which gives provisions for his children through previous marriages but nothing for his youngest child, who he had with her. She even alleges that he tried to kill her.

‘Dennis was in so much pain because of all the fighting he was going through with Victoria,’ said Hayward. ‘It's horrible the way he died, but even worse when you think what she put him through.

‘He was suffering so much, but then he had to deal with all these nasty accusations from her. The stress of all this ugliness with Victoria sent Dennis into a deep depression, and it made his life a misery.’

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