No country for sex texts

What to do when one of your presenters gets caught sex-texting, and the others leave in a huff over money issues? Why, get the most clean cut presenter that you can lay your hands on, of course! The One Show bosses have brought in Countryfile presenter (and former Blue Peter host) Matt Baker to serve some time on the show. The last one, Jason Manford, didn't last too long after being hauled up for texting some busty lovelies who weren't his wife.

Matt told The Daily Mail,'I'm over the moon to be joining The One Show as a full-time presenter. The BBC has made everything possible so I can also continue presenting Countryfile. It's the ideal combination for me and I can't wait to get started.’

Christine's clone Alex Jones gushed, ‘We have hosted the show together many times before, he's fantastic to work with and the perfect choice for The One Show.’

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