NME Awards, Arctic Monkeys win big

The Arctic Monkeys - most voted for and nominated band in the past decade of the NMW awards cleaned up at last night's ceremony. Seeing off Babyshambles, The Klaxons and Muse, Sheffield's finest bagged 3 statues including, Best British Band, Best Track for Fluorescent Adolescent, and Best Video for Teddy Picker.

"Thanks everybody - and thanks everybody upstairs too. Ta, ta!" chirped monosyllabic Arctic Monkey Alex Turner, proving just how concise an art form acceptance speeching can be when you put your mind to it.

....A memo that never reached The Killers. Flowers and co picked up Best International Band beaming a thank-you speech over from Las Vegas....featuring Mike Tyson giving Bradon Flowers a black eye. Veery interesting.

Kate Nash got out her big stick and beat off Amy Winehouse to snag Best Solo Artist. But Amy got her own back pilfing Worst Dressed and a nomination for Villain of The Year. Thicky whicky villain George Dubya Bush swiped that award though.

Coventry threesome The Enemy beat off Foals, Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong, The Pigeon Detectives and The Wombats to Best Newcomer Award. Hinting maybe it's possible to be interesting - and from Coventry.

Elsewhere The Klaxons jostled Babyshambles, The Arctic Monkeys and Radiohead out of the running for Best Album with 'Myths Of The Near Future', while Best Live Band went to Muse.

Away from the music tent, The Mighty Boosh took Best TV Show with big boosher Noel Fielding stealing that most enviable of gongs, Best Dressed. Facebook silently snuck to the top of everyone's friend list, taking Best Website gong.

Best Live Event went to The Carling Festival, resigning Glastonbury and Leeds Festival to the lower, muddy fields.

And shock award, (but actually not very shocking at all) of the night was Pete Doherty's 'Hero of The Year'. All the more potent after Pete was snapped out the night before bloody nosed from a cat scrap and looking like death warmed up. He's our hero!

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