Nicole Scherzinger opens up on 'transformative' time after Lewis Hamilton

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Singer Nicole Scherzinger has spilled the beans on how she has been coping since her split from Lewis Hamilton. She opened up on the subject in an interview with People magazine and revealed that "it's hard" moving on with her life.

The former Pussycat Dolls star and the Formula One world champion went their separate ways in February this year after 7 years as an item. The pair were constantly battling to find time together due to their hectic and full work schedules.

Of her time adjusting to being single she said "Sometimes people stay in relationships because they get complacent, because it's comfortable for them because they don't want to be alone. She added "It's a new chapter in my life. I'm going through a very transformative time in my life."

She also didn't rule out a possible reunion with Hamilton somewhere down the lineby saying "If relationships or people in your lives are meant to be, then they will come back around, but that shouldn't be what's holding you back." However, Hamilton was recently snapped hanging out with a certain Kendall Jenner sparking rumours of a relationship between the pair.

However, Scherzinger is definitely embracing being single saying "A lot of the time when you're in a relationship, you lose yourself and you lose who you are and what makes you special." She is due to continue her performance in Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats when it returns to London's West End later this year.

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