Nicole Ritchie : pitches own reality TV show

It certainly doesn't take much to pitch a TV series these days. Nicole Ritchie, jealous of all the fun Paris is having while she's stuck at home changing dirty nappies, has come up with an idea for her own show - and it revolves neatly around her.

The premise? Find a new Nicole Ritchie, or at least someone who can achieve fame with as minimum talent but as much ease as Nicole Ritchie without having Lionel Ritchie as a dad. Nicole proposes that 7 ordinary girls be plucked from obscurity across the US and then whittled down to the most talentless useless, and therefore most likely to achieve insta-fame. The prize? Their own reality show. Sweet justice.

In a world where being famous for nothing is as big a prize as winning a cuddly toy on the Generation Game used to be, Ritchie's probably on to a winning formula. But what about the poor hapless folks with nothing better to do with their lives who have to watch it? Like us. Someone spare them a thought!

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