Nicole Ritchie gives birth to bird?

So Nicole Ritchie has given birth to her second child, and it's a boy! A lot more sobering however, is that it could be half human half bird - the crazy celebrity kids have called it 'Sparrow'. Bad enough for starters you might think. However, not only is the poor kid going to have to introduce himself as an extremely fragile, tiny bird, he'll also have to explain away his middle name, 'Midnight.' And other than - groan - 'my mom's a celeb' there aren't really many ways to do that.

Sparrow James Midnight Madden Ritchie might only weigh 7lbs 14oz now but judging by the size of his dad Joel Madden, he could well sprout up into quite a strapping young lad. If he decides to become an American football player, or even a builder, he's going to have to put up with a lot of tittering from his colleagues. And he's definitely not going to want his mum to sow his name into PE kit.

But then celebs are no strangers to going a bit 'off piste' when it comes to baby names. David Bowie called his son 'Zowie Bowie' (he later changed it to Duncan.) Frank Zapper famously called his troupe 'Moon Unit', Dweezil, Diva and Ahmet, and Erykah Badu - we love you, but your names are pretty out there - called her brood 'Seven,' Puma and Mars.

Come to think of it, Sparrow is starting to look quite tame......

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