Nicole Appleton refused VIP entry at Isle Of Wight festival

How shameful. You know your name's up there in the higher echelons of the D- list, and you should by rights, be able to wangle your way into some reasonably showy gigs. If only people could remember who you are without your famous hubby on your arm.

So Nicole Appleton was turned away from the VIP section of the Isle Of Wight festival at the weekend after bouncers singularly failed to remember who she was. Nic tried in vain to blag her way into the backstage tent, but when burly guards blocked her path, she was forced to beg a passing policeman for help. Thankfully the cop believed her story, and, after a couple more famous mates inside the VIP area had also vouched for her, head held down, she was herded in.

Just the sort of story a D lister would never want getting into the tabloids, and just the sort of story Nicole must be fuming about after all the lengths Liam went to getting her in. The romantic rocker choppered her into the festival on a £6K helicopter ride! Top tip of the day - next time Nicole bowls up to a gig senza famous hubby, she should park her chopper straight in the VIP tent with a print out of her Wiki credentials tucked under the wingscreen wipers. That'll keep overzealous officials at bay.

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