New X-Factor judge

The new series of The X-Factor may not be on small screens till the autumn but the reality show is still managing to clog up tabloid column inches. The most recent story (unless you live under a rock) is who will replace Dannii Minogue whilst she is slacking off (aka giving birth).

The Daily Star are reporting that producers want to have a series of replacement guest judges on the show with, yes, you guessed sister Kylie Minougue already signed up as one of them.

‘Dannii will let Louis Walsh, Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole pick the acts. Then there will be American Idol-style guest judges to fill her vacant seat, one of whom will be Kylie’ reports the newspaper’s source. Adding; ‘once Dannii has had her baby she will come back to the show for judging the final stages of the contest. And she will be back for the live shows.’

The Dannii Minougue Ex-Factor rumours start here....

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