New season of Made in Chelsea sees the gang take up from where they left off in New York

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Fans of Made in Chelsea were back in their comfort zone last night as the new season kicked off on E4. The show returns for its' 8th season which will consist of 11 episodes including a Christmas special. A number of romance possibilities lie waiting to be explored this season including a number of ones that we all thought were in the past.

Last night's episode began with a recap on what the gang had been up to over the summer. We catch up with the group on a trip to Devon where they all unwound after the helper skelter New York season. Spencer also is trying to convince anyone that will listen to him that he is a changed man and he was sporting a smooth new hairstyle.

Louise Thompson is stirring up a bona fide love triangle between herself, her ex Andy Jordan and her New York love interest Alik Alfus. Andy was not impressed with Alik who flew in from the States. Binky almost caused a riot when he mentioned to Alik that Louise had taken a little trip to Devon with Andy and Alik's reaction was not the happiest. Little did Alik know though that Andy had the exact same reaction in Devon when the lads told him all about Louise's and Alik's antics in the Big Apple.

Lucy Watson and Oliver Proudlock have also been dating on the down-low ever since filming wrapped in New York City. The duo kept the relationship hush hush in a bid to not offend any of their close friends. Jaimie Laing obviously was not a happy man when he heard the news but Proudlock says that their relationship is improving slowly and the good pals are "going to work things out" but Laing did warn Proudlock never to keep anything a secret from him again.

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