New Radio 1 Breakfast Show Host

It’s been long known Chris Moyles will be leaving the Radio 1 Breakfast Show when his contract comes to an end in the summer, but who will replace him? That is the £600,000 a year question.

Well, according to the News Of The World that person or to be exact man will be Greg James - after winning a Student Radio award James was poached by Radio 1 and now hosts the weekday early afternoon slots.

‘Greg is the future of Radio 1,’ says their source, 'he's in his 20s, cool and a star on the rise. Unfortunately for Scott, he's just too old to get the breakfast gig now because the station is meant to be targeting teenagers and people under 24.’

‘Greg is the obvious choice for the job, but we have to be sure that he is ready. He is most definitely the heir apparent and it means we will soon have to have a discussion with Chris about how long he will be willing to stay on for. We are going to be careful not to force Chris out before Greg is ready. We're well aware Chris is a huge star, but we have to look to the future because someone who's nearly 40 can't really be hosting a show aimed at teenagers.’

The newspaper also reports that long-standing drive-time presenter Scott Mills is hurt by the news that he won’t be the new host.

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