New mum loses weight

News just in. Nicole Richie, after giving birth to her daughter just two weeks ago, is looking a lot thinner. 

Yes, all the tabloids are reporting that Nicole Richie is looking much more slender after giving birth to her daughter Harlow. Is she anorexic? Is she starving herself? Erm, no. 

The reason she looks like she has lost a fair amount of weight is because, you know, she has. We defy anyone not to look skinnier when that 7lb 3oz bump disappears from their abdomen. Indeed she has lost the baby weight quickly, because that is what has disappeared – the weight of the baby!

Next week’s news. Nicole Richie has fat arms. Miss Richie has been spotted leaving her home with a strange fleshy growth on her arms. Maybe it’s some kind of contagious disease, as her boyfriend has also been seen carrying the same strange growth.

Come on people…

(Image: from YouTube)

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