New film about John Hughes to be released

Legendary comedy director John Hughes died last week, but his death isn’t going to go unmarked by the film community. A documentary about Hughes, Don’t You Forget About Me, which has been in production for three years, is a independent film made by four filmmakers who went to find Hughes, who basically vanished from view in 1991, and is now set to be released.

The film may not have ever been released but for Hughes’ death, as since the spike in interest in his films, Alliance Films has bought it up to distribute. Is that irony? We’re not sure.

‘Our film was finished/in the can/waiting to be release BEFORE his death,’ said director Matt Austin-Sadowski. ‘The plot of the documentary (other than the amazing interviews giving us insight into John) is if we’ll get the interview with him as we road trip it to Chicago from Toronto. You’ll have to see the doc to find out what his response is, but his death did not affect the ending…but merely, what would happen next. Would Hughes come back? Now, we know the answer. Only in spirit.’

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