New Cold Feet?

We've always had a soft spot for ITV's Cold Feet, it started out at the end of the 90's, a time of optimism, Blair before he went a bit messianic, Brit Pop and all that youthful stuff. The show was, for a middle of the road ITV drama, pretty funny and well-written. So no wonder producers are apparently keen to rescusitate it. Just one problem, however. One of the stars, Helen Baxendale, who played was Rachel killed off in rather dramatic style.

Helen told The Daily Mail that there have been discussions, 'They've been so lovely and said, 'Look, we really would want you in it' - but I don't know how they would do that. They did come to me and ask and say, 'How can we get her back in?' It would be a bit Dallas-y, wouldn't it? It was such a lovely thing to do and it was so much part of our youth, of course you'd say 'Yes'. But you'd have to look at the whole thing on its merits in every way, wouldn't you?'

John Thomsen who played Pete Gifford said, 'It cannot be a one-off and it has to be written by Mike Bullen, the original writer. And it can't be retrospective, because we'll all have to have Botox.'

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