Neverland Ranch - dodges the firing squad

I t wasn't long ago that it we reported Neverland ranch was to go under the hammer. Well turns out Jackson's famed Peter Pan utopia has been granted another stay of execution.

Colony Capital (a company specialising in casinos and gaming) have stumped up the 30 million or so for the ranch and are in 'negotiations' with Wacko to establish loan repayments.

Colony are sure that once they tell Michael in a very loud and stern voice that he must pay or they'll turn his magical fairground into a horrid casino, he'll stop skipping monthly payments like he used to and start behaving like a responsible adult

Even though he's been he's been living the high life in such an unostentatious, low key spot like Bahrain since 2005? Hmmm - not long till he'll be dancing for his chips on the streets like Mini Mike

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