Never! to Neverland tourism

A bunch of irritable NIMBYs have decided to get up on their high horses and say ‘NO’ to the Michael Jackson rubberneckers and his allegedly money-grabbing estate by opposing the building of a ghoulish tourist trap at the site of Jacko’s Neverland ranch in California.

A local activist called Bob Field and others in the Santa Ynez Valley have joined together to form a group called Never! That will oppose any development that might hint at tourist attractions. But who wouldn’t want a huge Michael Jackson theme park right next door to them? They could dance to the King of Pop’s hits all day, every day – forever. Sounds fine to us.

Anyway, they’re concerned about the inevitable surge of wackos (and not their former neighbour) who would inevitably descend on their previously unheard of and tranquil community, which has seen absolutely no press attention over the last 20 years. Oh and there was something about infrastructure, security yada yada yada, but who cares about that, eh?

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