Never say Neverland

Now celebrity gossip might not exactly be your cup of tea if you're interested at all in politics, the rise of fascism or Europe in general. But seeing as you're reading this and not The Guardian let's assume you want to know all about Michael Jackson's Neverland replica in the UK!

Wacko is living in Foxbury Manor in Kent, and has demanded that a bowling alley and a funfair be constructed on the grounds. Which when you've been humungously in debt and had to sell off just that very thing in the states is obviously not a great idea.

'He’s missed living in Neverland since debts forced him to get rid of it four years ago,' said some source or other. 'He thinks he can recreate a bit of its magic in Kent and concert bosses are happy to indulge him.

'He loves bowling, so has insisted an alley be created and he’s never lost his love of funfairs, so has demanded one be built in the grounds.' Isn't that nice?

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