Never happened, honest guv

The love triangle between John Terry, Wayne Bridge and smoking hot French undies model Vanessa Perroncel kept everyone amused earlier on in the year, seeing as it ended up with the exploits of England’s Brave John Terry being splashed all over the papers, and Wayne Bridge being exposed as a bit wet when it comes to women. Not to mention the whole England captaincy debacle - crazy times.

Best of all though, us lads got to see just how liberated Perroncel’s attitude to sex was, which given that she’s a stone cold fitty and has a sexy French accent was simply delightful. However, months after the whole affair blew over, Perroncel has come out and claimed that she and Terry never had an affair in the first place, and that the allegations that the former England captain had a four month tryst are completely false. Curious, no?

‘I had known John for eight years before I met Wayne, and we had always kept in touch - and that's all it was,’ claimed the alleged scarlet woman. ‘What we had cannot be described as an affair, it was a friendship. Not one word of what was written about me was true. All this talk of him coming to my house twice a week for rampant sex just never happened.’

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