Necker fire nixes Cole hols

Kate Winslet and the Bransons weren't the only celebs to be affected by the Necker Island fire two days ago. The lightning bolt that caused an inferno which destroyed the Virgin boss's luxury pad, has also ruined the Cole's holiday. Selfish weather...

A source told The Daily Mail, 'Cheryl and Ashley were due to go to Necker Island but obviously that's out of the question. They do have other places they could go for a short romantic trip away though. It is only going to be a very short trip due to Ashley's football commitments. They have been spending a lot of time together and the next logical step is a trip abroad, just the two of them. Ashley feels like he's really making headway, even if Cheryl is still reading him the riot act. He wants her back and that's that.'

It appears as if Ashley is making a lot of headway after making an appearance at Cheryl's birthday party in July. A friend gossiped, 'There were about 20 to 30 guests there. It was just friends and family, and Ashley was invited as well. She was over the moon that he had come because he had only just arrived back from America. The two of them are taking things slowly and it is early days, but Ashley is doing all the right things now. Most of the guests left the party at about 3am but Ashley stayed around for almost an hour longer to spend time with Cheryl. They are getting very close now and she needs someone to rely on.’

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