Naughty pics could finish Jordan

Jordan blah blah blah... Alex Reid blah blah blah... Peter Andre blah blah blah... You get the idea. Barely a day goes by when the lives of these tedious creatures aren’t splashed all over the papers, so the scene hardly needs to be set. Today’s dispatch from the land of drab is that Alex Reid has a load of naughty pics of his former missus and seems to be threatening to release them through some mate of his.

Curiously this friend of the cage fighter is claiming that this risqué birthday suit snaps could finish the former glamour model, who based her career on taking her clothes off at the most opportune moments, off. It’s an interesting theory.

‘I know Alex very well and I know he will have all the proof of their sex life,’ said Nigel Whitear to Closer magazine. ‘She dumped him on national TV and now wants the evidence of their sex life back. Jordan used to text him filthy pictures when he was preparing for a fight or when they were apart. It was all very explicit stuff.

‘Jordan has made a lot of money and publicity off Alex. He has been hurt and he has been taken for a ride. She is willing to use people to get what she wants so why shouldn't he use them to get something for himself?’

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