National Duvet Day - Big Leap Year Lie In

How ingenious. Some clever campaigners have decided that this Friday is National Duvet Day, aka National Sack Off Work Day. Because Friday 29th February is a leap year. And if all monthly salaried workers go to work on Friday, they'll be toiling for sweet. Poo all. It may only be a four yearly occurence, says James Cox founder of website Duvet Day - but it's the principal!

So the National Trust have done the decent thing and given all 54,000 employees and volunteers the day off. Though not to lie around in their duvets being useless. To improve their carbon footprint. Yeh...likely! Who's going to spend a free day off saving the world when they could be bumping up carbon emmissions by driving off for a nice long weekend somewhere....

But apart from the National Trust, no plans have been made to make Friday an official bank holiday nationwide. Meaning we'll all be forced down the pit regardless of our workers rights. Time for a sickie anyone?

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