Nathan Spewman: Mis-informant

Like you, dear readers, we’re sure you spend plenty of time during the week watching and then deleting unfunny YouTube clips that friends have sent to your account. Usually these will these will be some sort of ‘cute’ (read: fur ball) cat doing something ‘adorable’ (read: sick-inducing), with ‘LOL’ in the header. However, every now and again someone sends you something that is actually funny, and today is one of those days.

Comedy actor Jack Black has launched a character called Nathan Spewman, AKA The Mis-informant. His job is to spread Republican lies and propaganda throughout America, and in the following pair of videos attempts to do so while pretending to be a child with a rare disease that makes him look like an adult. It’s funny. Keep a look out for the vicious muck raking blonde girl that he takes on as an ally – she has the most evil eyes since Damien.

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