Natalie Portman is Devendrah's Bollywood dream

Natalie Portman has popped up in boyfriend Devendrah Banhart's Bollywood style music video. Portman plays the beautiful Princess Carmensita and Devendrah the 'Prince of Hramina,' her jilted lover. Prince Hramin 'emerges by swimming the starry river of her tears' to win Portman back from another bearded, loin clothed king who threatens to marry her.

The video is cheerfully crazy and Portman looks the picture of Bollywood perfection as she shakes it to lyrics such as 'where are you my ratty arsed compadre" and "so you think you can defeat me with your rebellious beard?" In the end she disappears in a 'pumph' of mystical air, only to be reborn as an octopus and as such 'eternally entwined with her lover'.

Portman and 'naturalistic' Venezualan folk singer Devendrah Banhart have been together since April. The union is a great 'meeting of minds'. "He's funny, scary-smart and in love with her. This is a serious one, and they seem to be in it for the long haul," said a friend. Devendrah looks mad as a box of frogs but brilliant fun, congrats Nat!

Check out Portman and Banhart in Princess Carmensita

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