Na-ow!mi strikes again

Stop press! Angry supermodel on run in Manhattan armed with naaaaasty temper. Naomi - where have you been? We dread to think. Clue: not in a Buddhist retreat learning the powers of Zen....

The furious clotheshorse is gracing The Sun today for allegedly battering her limo driver. She allegedly punched and slapped him in the head causing him facial injuries. Police are now allegedly hunting for her. That's ALLEGEDLY. The last thing we want is a right hook from Nomey swinging our way.

New York police said: 'The driver said a small bruise and swelling under his right eye was caused by her. We want to talk to her.'

Yikes. The US police don't mess about. VIPs go to prison for piddly things like DUI over there. What happens for assault? *Key turns slowly in lock.* Hot water with your porridge Naomi?

Alas, not. The Mirror claims that Naomi is off the hook after the driver dropped charges. Shame.

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