Naomi Campbell's teary Cannes birthday bash

Naughty Nomey. Either she'd had a skinful at her birthday bash in Cannes last night and reached the teary drunk stage a bit too soon - or P-Diddy was mean to her again.

Naomi was papped leaving Diddy's boat party (and her own 38th birthday party) in Cannes last night crying her eyes out and with mascara dribbling everywhere. Because Diddy and Naomi have locked horns before (or rather he once shouted her down in front of Very Important People at Jermain Dupre's Grammy party), there's speculation aplenty that Diddy's been at the jugular again.

So what could have riled the usually placid Diddy this time? Nomey being rude to the waiting staff? Nomey clocking a member of the waiting staff with a plastic champagne flute because it wasn't filled up quick enough? Or maaaybe Naomi mistook Diddy for a waiter, ordered him to bring her over a tray of room temperature aur dourves - and when he didn't deliver, punched him square in the jaw. That or doing charlie in the toilets.

Check out pictures of Naomi at her teary Cannes birthday bash.

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