Naomi Campbell's mother ; 'my daughter is a saviour'

When everyone else in the world thinks you're a no good hissy fit throwing supermodel diva, it's nice to know your mam's still got a kind word for you.

In an interview with Sky News Naomi Campbell's mother has leapt to her daughter's defence calling Naomi 'a saviour who saved my life'. When 55 year old Valerie Campbell, was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago, Naomi stalked from doctor to doctor in America, pulling strings, forcing the issue and forking out thousands to make sure her mum received the best treatment money could buy. 'She would not take no for an answer' says Val, who credits Naomi with saving her life. And we don't doubt! There could be possibly be no better person to have on your side in a fight than Naomi Campbell!

Valerie Campbell also talked about her own and her daughter's relationship with the law. "I try to abide by rules and regulations. If you break the law then you must pay the penalty. And I think Naomi understands that very well herself. "I'm there for her and you know the community service, she'll have to do it, and I'm sure she'll do it with humility." You'd hope so after the months of community service Naomi's savage temper has clocked up along the way!

Anyway, it was Val's final words of the interview which really bought a tear to the eye. "You know what, sometimes I'll just wake up in the night and I think 'Where's my daughter?' And I'll text her, 'Where are you, hope you're well and looking after yourself, love mum'." How lovely does Val sound?! If Naomi's got even a squidgen of what Val's got then the volatile clotheshorse must have a cuddly squishy human heart afterall.

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